TenPoint Titan Xtreme Crossbow Review

In the world of crossbow hunting, every adventure and hunting season is remembered due to the convenience and compatibility of crossbows for taking down any game regardless of terrain, weather, or hunting skills.

Therefore TenPoint xtreme is the best-admired ones among every other crossbow review because the TenPoint crossbows is the best dependable, efficient, and handy crossbows.

Though, today we are pleased to bring you the TenPoint titan extreme review that is the most loved among every tier crossbow hunters, specifically among beginner crossbow hunters because of its lightweight easy-to-use formation.

TenPoint Titan Xtreme Crossbow Review

Coming up straight to our today’s champ, the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow has deliberate madeup for filling up the space for an expert to a beginner-friendly crossbow that won’t demand changing crossbows with advancement in hunting skills.

So first thing first, we would like you to have a quick look at the specifications that incorporates the TenPoint Titan extreme crossbow that makes it hold convenient handling with rapid maneuvering and efficient performance.

TenPoint Titan Xtreme Crossbow

333 FPS
7-⅓ LBS
Power Stroke:
Draw Weight:
180 LB

The TenPoint Titan hlx crossbow review will unveil a lot of amazing facts and interesting points that will undoubtedly astonish you people with the efficiency and performance incorporated in this crossbow through the featured specifications.

First of all, let’s talk about the performance and shooting speed of this crossbow. This crossbow features an efficient shooting mechanism with which you can have a lethal shooting speed of 333 FPS to take down your target.

tenpoint titan extreme crossbow review

Moreover, the shooting speed and the stored kinetic energy for incorporating enhanced impact within the shot are just amazing and deadly as well because despite being under 400 FPS, this crossbow is for all sorts of games.

Moving on further, you might be curious about the physical aspects of the TenPoint Titan xtreme crossbow, therefore you would love to know that this crossbow holds an actual length of 38″ along with a width of 21.6″.

TenPoint Titan xtreme Crossbow

Whereas the actual weightage of his crossbow is 7.3 LBS along with Powerstroke a  of 12.6” adding a draw weight of 180 LBS in this crossbow and that is quite nominal for all sorts of crossbow hunters.

Being a newbie hunter, you must be worried about the 180 LBS draw weight of this crossbow, but nothing to worry about because the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow features the latest ACU-draw 50 convenient cocking device.

  • Weightless
  • Sleek
  • Immaculate aiming
  • Best all-purpose crossbow
  • Lighted scope
  • Stock aluminum arrows are a bit heavy
  • Package lacks rope-cocking device
  • Lacks foam layered sling


The TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow is indeed the suitable crossbow for beginners and best crossbow for its cost nominal capital. Let’s have a look at the things included within the package that is as follows:

  • TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow
  • Crossbow stock and bow configuration
  • 3x lighted scope with professional vision spot
  • 3x-bolts plus quiver
  • 3x-field pointed aluminum arrows
  • GripGuard Protection Cover
  • Configuration DVD
  • Official TenPoint Vehicle Sticker
  • Damage Coverage Card

Weightage & Sizing

TenPoint Titan Extreme Crossbow

The TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow is indeed the best freshman crossbow that is featured with immensely convenient handling formation along with easy to carry weightage that allows you to acquire fast maneuvering.

Whereas this crossbow as incorporates an actual weightage of 6.7 LBS that weighs quite less to hold and carry. Although this crossbow comes along with actual width of 21.6 inches which allows a whole lot of convenience while maneuvering within a narrow passage.

Formation & Built

TenPoint Titan Extreme Crossbow Review

The TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow has immaculate precise and accurate crafting so that the frame and formation can add up more to your hunting accuracy and precision without any lagging throughout the hunting season.

The formation and crafting of this crossbow is an amazing fusion of CNC machined frame and structure along with a high-grade building material that incorporates a fusion of carbon fiber and composite materials.

Moreover, the incorporation of high-quality Fusion Lite stocks and a convenient bow configuration adds precision and accuracy are furthermore.


As for the trigger in the TenPoint Titan Xtreme, it has an advanced PowerTouch trigger holding a crisp release holding a weight of 3.5 pounds.

Bolts & Pace

TenPoint Titan xtreme Crossbow review

The stock bolts and built-in shooting facility of this crossbow brings up a shooting speed of 333 FPS with all the stock accessories incorporated.

Therefore, this crossbow package incorporates two different sorts of bolts: one is carbon fiber and the other bolts made with aluminum metal that comprises a bit of the actual shooting speed of the crossbow.

Although if you use carbon fiber bolts with field points that incorporates a weightage of 425-grains for taking down the target will add up to an actual shooting speed of 315 FPS which is a bit less but incorporates the whole might of strength.

Collectively speaking, the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow shoots between 333 FPS and 315 FPS accordingly with variable bolts and arrows that can fiercely pierce into the skin of elk, moose, and deer without any lagging or inconvenience due to its stored kinetic energy.

Sighting & Cocking

Titan Extreme Crossbow review

As the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow holds an actual draw weight of 180 LBS that is indeed a drawback for newbies hunters but the makers have taken really good care of this issue through external cocking aid.

This crossbow comes along with the modern ACU-draw external cocking assistance,which incorporates immense convenience for cocking its 180 LBS shooting draw weight.

Moreover, the sighting procedure of this crossbow stands out because the stock scope is lighted along with an advantage of an extra 1″ that increases its scoping range without deviating the accuracy and precision.

The sighting procedure for the stock scope of the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow is the same as the rest of the scopes but the convenience we had while sighting this crossbow scope was the included DVD with visual guidance.

Strength & Precision

TenPoint Titan Xtreme Crossbow ReviewLet’s have a look at the precision and strength of the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow then you won’t believe that this crossbow comes along with an actual shooting speed of 333 FPS with a kinetic shot of 104 ft/LBS.

The incorporated kinetic charge within the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow makes it a fine sort of disaster for any kind of game that can precisely pierce within the skin of the game so that the game won’t suffer anymore and can be taken down conveniently.

As for the precision and accuracy of the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow, it features immaculate aiming and precision so that you don’t even miss.

Configuration & Scope Sighting

Titan Extreme Crossbow reviewThe TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow comes along with a high smooth and convenient configuration facility that can keep its usage and assembly more convenient and lag-free so that you don’t need to bother about its frisky assembling.

Whereas the package itself contains a well-built quiver that comes along with a rapid detachment facility through which the whole stock and crossbow can be mounted throughout the quiver without any problem.

Marching Test

Titan Extreme Crossbow review

For further enhanced testing, we have passed this crossbow through our personalized marching range test with a bolt weighing 425 grains and we were amazed to witness its efficiency and strength.

This crossbow was putting up a scorching high shooting speed along with a kinetic energy of 94 feet. LBS is more than enough for taking down any legit game all over North America which is indeed a plus point.

Whereas during the marching range test we have given the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow a try to knock out a moose from a distant 40 yards space and the result was mesmerizing because the bolt went straight through both of its lungs.

Hear from others:


1: What makes the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow a fine deal for any game?

The TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow has been crafted with CNC machines for adding immense precision and accuracy along with optimal physical dimensions that are enabling it to have a shooting speed of 333 FPS and a draw weight of 180 LBS along with a external cocking assistance that makes it a fine cut for all sorts of games.

2: Is the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow a beginner-friendly crossbow?

The TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow has an actual weightage of 6.7 LBS along with an end-to-end length and width of 38″ and 21.6″, respectively along with the latest external drawing assistance that adds more to its usage convenience making it a fine deal for beginner crossbow hunters.

3: Can we use the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow for big games as well?

Yes, because the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow comes along with a shooting speed of 333 FPS that is backed with a draw weight of 180 LBS. Whereas the speed and draw weight fusion adds an impact force, 98 ft per LBS is indeed more than enough for taking down elk, moose, or grizzly.


The TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow comes along with a precise and accurate formation through the CNC machined structure along with its highly efficient specifications and features that are certainly adding more to its performance.

The structure and formation incorporates rugged and robust carbon fiber and composite fusion of crafting, enabling it to hold dependability and durability so that you can hunt without caring about any breakage.

Therefore, all the factors, specifications, and features enable the TenPoint Titan Xtreme crossbow to hold convenient usage for every tier of hunters within the variable terrains, regardless of any abruption of the narrow passage

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