4 Top Compound Crossbows & Thorough Buying Guide

Crossbow hunting is an amazing sport for outdoor adventure lovers. It had gone through immense development with which it has attracted a huge number of outdoor sports enthusiasts because of its several types of crossbows, i.e, Recurve, Compound, & Pistol crossbows.

Today’s crossbow review primarily focuses on the features, specifications, and performance of the compound sort of crossbows that have given an immense boost within the crossbow industry.

Best Compound Crossbows 2023

The compound crossbow is an old-school thing as it gives great room for practicing your hunting and aiming skills despite being dependent upon the automated sort of aiming and shooting facility featured within the latest recurve crossbows.

 Whereas the performance and efficiency that allows a compound crossbow to have an immaculate shooting range along with a premier shooting strength have backing by a retro sort of shooting facility followed by a pulley mechanism. 

Although the vintage sort of visual facility backs its precision and accuracy, one can use modern vision scopes accordingly due to the incorporated scope mounting facility.

Before we move forward to the basic purchasing guide for the best compound crossbows, we would like you to look at a few compound crossbows that our experts handpicked. You can skip to the product directly by clicking below.

  1. Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow (Best Affordable Crossbow)
  2. CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow (The Fastest Crossbow)
  3. Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow (Value For Money)
  4. Bear X Trek 380 Crossbow (Best Crossbow For Beginners)

1: Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR (Best Affordable Crossbow)

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow is first-ranked in this compound crossbow review as its an amazing fusion of efficiency and accuracy within a budget-friendly crossbow.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow

375 FPS
6.6 LB.
Draw Weight:
165 LB.
Axle-to-axle Width:
18-¼”(Uncocked), 13”(Cocked)
Power Stroke:

Why This?

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow is indeed an immaculate option for being the best affordable compound crossbow due to its performance, and sturdiness. But this crossbow has a substandard quiver and nonlighted scope.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Review

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow features the best features and specifications so that any tier of crossbow hunters can have an unforgettable hunting session with its super easy handling orientation.

Whereas the shooting speed of a crossbow is the main factor that can enhance the whole hunting experience therefore his crossbow is deliberately incorporated with a 375 FPS shooting pace along with extensive impact force.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR crossbowThis crossbow features shooting pace along with desired impact force & draw weightage of 165 LBS that incorporates the needed force within the bolt for taking down any sort of game.

Moreover, the physical dimensions of this crossbow are just amazing as it comes along with an actual length of 34-¾” and an end-to-end width of 18-¼” (uncocked), and 13″(cocked) for aiding the whole hunting session with absolute convenience.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR crossbow

Collectively speaking, the convenient handling facility of this crossbow along with high-end features and building makes it a cut-out piece for being the best cheap compound crossbow that has mono bolt assembly and enhanced safety features.

2: CenterPoint Wrath 430 (Best Fastest


The CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow takes 2nd position in this compound crossbow review due to its lethal and high-velocity shooting pace that enables you to take down any game without any inconvenience.

CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow

430 FPS
8.3 LB.
Draw Weight:
200 LB.
Axle-to-axle Width:
9”(Uncocked), 13”(Cocked)
Power Stroke:

Why This?

The CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow is undoubtedly the best fastest compound crossbow out there in the market as it comes along with a claimed 430 FPS shooting pace on the ground it has given a pace of 410 FPS but it is worth having.

  • Lightning fast shooting speed
  • Sleek formationConvenient handling
  • Adaptable foregrip
  • High Accuracy & Precision
  • Sporty Appearance
  • Expensive
  • Actual shooting speed is less than claimed
  • Front is a bit heavy

CenterPoint Wrath 430 Review

The CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow comes along with a premier grade composite and carbon fiber building material that is highly dependable and sturdy enough to withstand extensive stretching.

As for the performance and efficiency of this crossbow, you might love to know that it features highly synchronized cams mechanism for propagating a shooting speed of 430 FPS along with immaculate precision.

CenterPoint Wrath 430 crossbow

Although if you are curious about its physical traits, then you can make it count that this crossbow will be aiding you with extensively convenient handling and carrying mobility due to its actual weightage of 8.3 LBS.

This crossbow have its actual end-to-end width of 9″ and 13″ for its cocked and uncocked formation along with an actual length of 28-¼” that has a featured Powerstroke of 15″.

CenterPoint Wrath 430 crossbow

Collectively speaking, this high-paced crossbow by CenterPoint is an undoubted champ for every crossbow hunter that has advanced hunting and handling skills. Whereas the price tag is a bit higher for the mediocre tier of crossbow hunters.

Also, check out our review about Centrepoint Sniper 370 to know if its worth the hype.

Watch demo from “Outdoor Outdog”

3: Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow (Value For Money)

The Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow is probably the best crossbow for beginner to expert level of crossbow hunters that are looking for an efficient and high-precision crossbow that can add more to their hunting experience.

Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow

405 FPS
7.2 LB.
Draw Weight:
195 LB.
29-⅔” to 31-½”
Axle-to-axle Width:
9-⅓”(Uncocked), 6-¼”(Cocked)
Power Stroke:

Why This?

The Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow makes a fine deal for high-paced shooting along with premier precision and accuracy. Whereas this crossbow lacks a bit due to the absence of decocking facility that incorporates wasting a bolt for decocking.

  • High impact shooting
  • Immaculate power
  • Higher precision
  • Superb maneuvering
  • Value for money
  • Dead silent shooting
  • Can’t be decocked

Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow Review

If you are tired of having substandard crossbows that have cost you hundreds of dollars then the Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow is the thing you must be looking for as it comes along with highly rugged and robust building material.

Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow

Whereas the Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow is deliberate crafting to engageold-school crossbow hunters that are in love with rugged and robust crossbows that feature enhanced shooting speed and handling facility.Killer Instinct Fatal X CrossbowAlthough the actual shooting speed of this crossbow is 405 FPS, more than enough for taking down any tier of hunting games.

Apart from its high shooting speed, this crossbow comes along with an end-to-end adaptable length ranging from 29-⅔” to 31-½” along with actual width of 9-⅓”(Uncocked), 6-¼”(Cocked).

Watch 40 and 50 yard shot results. Source: “J.T.M Outdoor”

4: Bear X Trek 380 (Best Crossbow For Beginners)

The Bear X Trek 380 Crossbow is probably the best suitable compound crossbow for beginners as it is featured a quite sophisticated shooting and handling mechanism that is indeed a plus point for every safety-conscious hunter.

Bear X Trek 380

380 FPS
7.5 LB.
Draw Weight:
185 LB.
Axle-to-axle Width:
18”(Uncocked), 16”(Cocked)
Power Stroke:

Why This?

The Bear X Treak 380 Crossbow makes a fine cut for those crossbow hunters that have basic hunting and handling skills. Whereas the safety options are quite efficient but this crossbow package does not have a crossbow carrying case.

  • Worths every single penny
  • Flawless 380 FPS pace with 185 LBS
  • Easy to carry
  • Moderate weightage
  • High accuracy
  • Dependable option for newbies
  • Package doesn’t include crossbow case

Bear X Trek 380 Review

The Bear X Trek 380 Crossbow features a shooting speed of 380 FPS that packs an immense kinetic energy. Although the draw weight of 185 LBS backs actual shooting speed is that is just amazing.

If you are considering the draw weightage a bit excessive then nothing to worry about because this compound crossbow for beginners features a pre-built crank cocking facility that will decrease the actual effort of cocking it.

compound crossbow components

Moreover, if you are curious about the actual physical dimensions of this crossbow then you won’t even believe that this crossbow has an actual static length of 37″ along with an end-to-end width of 18”(Uncocked), 16”(Cocked).

Bear X Trek 380

Whereas this crossbow has crafting of a synthetic sort of building material for enhancing its sturdiness and dependability and incorporating a lightweight structure that incorporates an actual weightage of 7 and a half pounds.

Collectively speaking, being a compound sort of crossbow the Bear X Trek 380 makes a fine combo of shooting speed and efficiency. Although the 13 and quarter inch Powerstroke enhances the whole performance and efficiency.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Compound Crossbow

If you are a compound crossbow lover then this article might be the thing that will be sought every single query of yours regarding the formation, structure, mechanism, and specifications of compound crossbows along with the best-selling makers.

Famous Compound Crossbow Makers

Talking about compound crossbows, here we will add a bit more information about the tested compound crossbow makers that have proven their efficiency and value for money over time.

These are probably the best compound crossbow makers that have made our old-school crossbow hunters fall in love with them because of their products that have immaculate precision and added strength with premier dependability and durability.

The top brands are as following:
  1. Barnett: The Barnett Compound Crossbows have given the best-admired compound crossbows for over a decade just because of their immense strength & high dependability.
  2. Excalibur: Many of you might wonder to see Excalibur among the best compound crossbow makers but let us tell you that crossbow hunting isn’t about high shooting speed that’s why Excalibur is famous for its optimal shooting speed, durability, and safety features.
  3. TenPoint: We all know that TenPoint is the most chosen one among every other crossbow brand wise in the case of compound crossbows, TenPoint had also proven itself with its higher shooting precision and accuracy along with lightning-fast shooting speed.
  4. SCORPYD: The high-quality building and crafting formation of SCORPYD Compound Crossbows along with stable shooting mechanisms and high-grade shooting arrows makes SCORPYD a worthy option.
  5. Parker: The high-end adjustability factor that allows the hunter to have on-selective draw weight along with easy handling formation concerning its orientation and the actual length is the prime factor of consideration for Parker Compound Crossbows.
  6. SA Sports: The major reason for considering SA Sports among the best famous compound crossbow makers is its value addition along with an attractive finish that enables you to have a flagship sort of compound crossbow within budget.

So after having a counter with the best-selling compound crossbows you must have understood what you have to look for while hunting down the best suitable compound crossbow for yourself.

Therefore, without any further prolongation, we would like to take you towards the main article that will be adding more to your knowledge for understanding of compound crossbow crafting, and how it works.

Formation of Compound Crossbow

You might be curious to know why a distinct sort of crossbow is called a compound crossbow. It is because of its distinctive formation and construction that enables it to hold a hard-hitting shooting mechanism.

Majorly the compound crossbow comes along with a primitive sort of pulley mechanism that is empowering the whole shooting mechanism. Whereas the whole pulley mechanism is adding more to its shooting strength and efficiency.

This type of crossbow has enhanced shooting strength because of configured pulley mechanism that is interloped with the shooting string throughout the limbs. Although these pulleys are referred to as the cams mechanism.

  • The cams mechanism is hosting a joint of pulleys that are relatively different from each other in overall sizing while having the same pivot. Whereas there are two sets of mechanisms featured in a single compound crossbow, on each limb.

cam mechanism - a pully that runs compound crossbowWhereas the cams from each limb have a looped shooting string that is passing through the shooting mechanism while interconnecting each other from both sides and connecting both the limbs with each other.

More about crossbow formation

The cams on each limb are connected in such a manner that the whole shooting mechanism has supply of immaculate shooting strength. Although the connectivity of both cams through the cable adds more to its stability over the axis.

Whereas you can say that the systematic complex interloping network of both the cams through the axis is the reason behind holding an extensive draw weight within the shooting string of compound crossbows.

The shooting mechanism and interloped connectivity of cams work in such a manner that the incorporated draw weight of cams is gained through the rotation of cams while the shooting strings are drawn.

Although the variation in the size of cams adds a lot of strength within the connectivity cords and then into shooting strings.

Therefore one can say that the compound crossbow was majorly having a shooting system that was transforming the shooting speed from the length of coiled cords of cams through the shooting strings.

Whereas for compound crossbows the main source of strength and shooting speed was the length of their shooting strings that coiled within the cams. The inner cams were the major subject of force and speed within the compound crossbows.

Modern Compound Crossbow

moderen compound crossbow

If you are curious to know about the latest crossbow compounds out there in the market then just make it count that these compound crossbows are majorly containing the same specifications as described previously but with few alterations.

As this crossbow incorporates shooting mechanism holding the same formation that works upon the distance x force formulation of high school physics but exceptions are always there.

What To Look For In A Compound Crossbow

Here is our discourse regarding the alterations in the modern compound crossbows.

  1. The modern compound crossbow incorporates a handy orientation as compared to the retro one for adding more to our hunter’s handling convenience and incorporating a lightweight frame.
  2. Moreover, the retro compound crossbow was a bit tacky for its maintenance and care but the modern ones are much more easy to use and maintenance is quite convenient that will allow you to do so personally rather than calling an expert.
  3. While keeping in view that a crossbow hunter is always entailing higher shooting speed the modern compound crossbow makers have started to configure shooting noise dampeners within the crossbow for increasing the shooting speed.
  4. Collectively speaking there is a major change in sizing and formation of modern compound crossbow cams so that the hunter can have a seamless shooting experience without any shooting noise.
  5. While the modern compound crossbows are as a whole a piece of mesmerizing engineering as it consists of the least maintenance but enhanced shooting speed along with a dead silent shooting experience just like the recurve crossbows.
  6. We might add a bit regarding the customizations featured within the modern compound crossbow, the major alteration within the cams mechanism is backed through the premier synchronization facility.

Although the high-syncing facility makes it hold enhanced durability and strength along with least maintained chores and a lightweight structure that is a definite addition for newbie crossbow hunters as well.

Building Material

Bear X Archery Bruzer crosssbow

As we talk about the vintage compound crossbow, in the medieval ages the crossbows had crafting of wood because at that time weapons were of two construction materials, i.e wood, or metal.

But as development and advancement brought a whole new world in front of the human race, the same is the case with crossbows, as the crossbow industry developed compound crossbows that were incorporated with various building materials.

First of all, aluminum metal was brought in use for compound crossbow bodies, but due to reported wreckage cases the makers have shifted to fiberglass, and carbon fiber material but it was putting up a lot of deformation within the structure over a certain period.

Through the makers have featured the composite building material within the crossbow structure that has ended up all the concerns regarding the durability and dependability of crossbow frames.


For any newbie crossbow hunter, we would like to elaborate a bit that what a riser is. The riser is a major incorporation for holding the whole limb mechanism following the cams.

Being the major competent of compound crossbow shooting mechanism, the riser has to be strong enough to withstand immense stretching without wreckage or any abruption so it must have crafting of hard and dependable material.

 While keeping the stress and role that a riser has to bear and play, it is precisely crafted through weightless but sturdy aluminum metal & magnesium.  Whereas some compound crossbows have jet-grade aluminum alloy metal.


You must have understood the involvement and functionality of limbs within the whole shooting mechanism of a compound crossbow by now.

As the compound crossbow shooting mechanism is dependent upon the stretchability of limbs then it has to be incorporated with rugged and robust material.

Previously, fiberglass, and carbon fiber were the main crafting material  but due to extreme stretching and movement, a lot of compound crossbows were reported with limb wreckage.

Therefore in modern days compound crossbows, the makers have started to cast limbs through the composite build material that is much more robust and durable as compared to any other building material.

Whereas the composite compound crossbow limbs have been the best development within modern compound crossbows in that it deals with extreme stretching without any lagging and wreckage.

Drawing Cables

As we all know that all the crossbows features a shooting mechanism dependent upon the drawing strings or cables that are backing the whole shooting mechanism.

The same is the case with the compound crossbow, or you can say that the compound crossbows have a much more complex cord mechanism featured in themselves. Though it features synthetic shooting cords in them.

The synthetic sort of shooting cords in compound crossbows have deliberate crafting of such constituents so that they can bear a lot of stress and stretching without breaking because the whole shooting strength is empowered through them.

compound crossbow components


Being a crossbow hunting enthusiast must have made you understand that crossbow hunting is undoubtedly a dangerous game for newbie chaps especially when it comes to compound crossbows the risk is a bit elevated due to the lack of safety features.

But it was a cliche thing because the modern compound crossbow are coming with premier grade safety features that will prevent any kind of misfiring quite conveniently for keeping you safe from any unfortunate incident.

Whereas in modern compound crossbows, the incorporation of an anti-dry firing mechanism along with TriggerTech facility and automated safety engagement has made compound crossbows an apple of the eye for every crossbow hunting enthusiast.

Trigger Facility

trigger facility of crossbow

The trigger facility featured in many compound crossbows is bearing a pull of 5-8 LBS relatively that is indeed a bit much but due to lack of safety features, this higher pull weightage was considered a safety barrier for newbie hunters.

Moreover, with the addition of in-built 33% let-off, the compound crossbows have aid of friction full roll over and such facility makes the cocking and shooting process is much more convenient.


Before the only power aiding factor within the crossbows was the pulley mechanism but later on, it was added with the rotatory wheels featured over the limbs that were indicated as the cams.

The cams were adding a lot of force and efficiency within the compound crossbow shooting mechanism regardless of the shorter drawing length as the structure and formation of cams that enables the rotation of the shooting cords were just immaculate.

Therefore, the compound crossbow cams were holding the rotation of shooting cords, therefore, the cams need to be stronger enough to hold the stress efficiently aluminum metal is a stronger but weightless option, which was used in it.

Collectively speaking, the aluminum compound crossbow cams have dealt with all the stress and power stored in shooting strings quite efficiently and aided the whole shooting mechanism with a shorter draw length.


cocking in a compound crossbow

If you have ever used a compound crossbow in your whole life then you must be aware of the fact that the compound crossbows carry a whooping high draw weight as compared to any other crossbow variant.

The extremely greater draw weight is indeed a problem for newbie hunting chaps but nothing to worry about because the modern compound crossbow has sought this problem with built-in cocking help and a let-off facility that has made cocking much more convenient.


Being a compound crossbow lover you must be familiar with the role of the Powerstroke, if is it so then you must have understood that the whole shooting speed and shooting strength of the Powerstroke are aid draw weight to feature high shooting speed within the bolt.

The functionality of Powerstroke is such that: the greater the Powerstroke faster will be the arrow. Being a prime hub between the drawing facility and the frame weight is adding a lot much within the compound crossbow shooting facility.

As the Powerstroke is undoubtedly the best addition to a modern compound crossbow with which it can hold whooping high shooting energy and strength as compared to any other option that has a much-sophisticated shooting mechanism without a Powerstroke.

Compound Crossbow Strength

For adding much more convenience for understanding the compound crossbow strength mechanism we will straightly tell you, people, that the whole shooting impact of a compound crossbow is dependent upon two constituents that are stated as follows:

Draw Weight

The draw weight of a compound crossbow is the prime source of its strength and power packed within the shooted arrows.  Although increasing draw weight will be adding more to the shooting speed. Whereas for increasing the draw weight one needs to pull the shooting cords much farther.

Draw Length

The draw length factor is the second constituent that will be adding more to its strength and shooting speed. Although it is indicating the distance between strings at zero position and strings at the maximum position after stretching. One can measure the actual power of a compound crossbow as follow:

Draw Weight x Draw Length/2

Although don’t get yourself confused here with the FPS unit because it is used to refer to the actual shooting speed whereas the actual power of a compound crossbow is referred with ft/LBS.

Things To Consider After Buying A Compound Crossbow

things to consider in a compound crossbow

As we have stated previously, the modern compound crossbow needs much lesser maintenance doesn’t mean you don’t have to bother about its maintenance or safekeeping therefore here is a quick addition for taking care of your compound crossbow.


As a pure mechanical wonder compound crossbow, the performance of compound crossbow ain’t affected by changes in weather, therefore for keeping your compound crossbow finely working and operating for a long time you need to take good care of it from weather effects.

Whereas being a mix n match construction of aluminum and composite or fiberglass material compound crossbow are considered a bit sensitive stuff for abrupt changes in ambient humidity and extreme changes in the temperature.


As a user-friendly hunting weapon, the compound crossbow requires minor maintenance but that doesn’t mean you can keep it without servicing. Though timely servicing is purely a thing for your betterment and keeping your investment useful.

While servicing just make it count that you have thoroughly cleaned the shooting facility along with the rotatory wheels, shooting cords, Powerstroke, synchronizing cables, and of course, cams as it will add almost 15% more efficiency to your shooting experience.


Is it worth having a compound crossbow?

Having a compound crossbow is indeed an amazing experience because these are cthe most amazing crossbows out there in the market because it adds more to the efficiency and vigilance of hunters themselves through uplifting their hunting and aiming skills. Whereas if you are willing to advance your strength and hunting skills then a compound crossbow is the best suitable option for you.

How can I calculate my crossbow’s actual energy?

You can measure the power of a compound crossbow with this formula,
Draw Weight x Draw Length/2
Although ft/LBS is the measuring units for the actual energy propagated by a compound crossbow.

How a compound crossbow incorporates high shooting speed and energy?

With the incorporation of interloped shooting cords, the compound crossbows get higher draw weight along with a larger Powerstroke that enables it to have a scorching high shooting speed and shooting energy.

Which compound crossbow brand is the best among all?

Choosing a crossbow between some makers is truly subject to personal preferences, budget, and handling skills. So we might advise you people that choose accordingly as per your preference, budget, and handling skills. Whereas, in general, Barnett, and TenPoint are the best out there in the crossbow market.

Final Words

As you have completely gone through the best compound crossbow article along with every single detail that we have considered worth reading for every crossbow hunter along with a quick and comprehensive post-buying guide for keeping your crossbow clean and fine.

Although if you are left with any sort of query we might love to address it with our whole heart as we mean your wholesome satisfaction, therefore, don’t be shy to put any kind query, and don’t forget to leave a comment because it means a lot to us.

Whereas if you are willing to buy a compound crossbow then at first you need to determine your usage, budget, and handling skills. 

Though modern compound crossbows are also considered to be the best suitable options for our newbie crossbow hunters.

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