Barnett Recruit Crossbow Review – The Short Frame Crossbow

The Barnett Recruit Crossbow Review was the most requested article that was flooding our inbox so here it is for providing a lot of convenience for our crossbow wonder woman or the crossbow hunters that have relatively shorter frames.

The crossbow market space is majorly acquired by Barnett Crossbows because they have been the market leaders for presenting a wide range of crossbows almost for every tier of crossbow hunter  regardless of skills, budget, or usage.

Whereas today’s article is covering the most renowned and celebrated crossbow by Barnett because this crossbow was deliberately crafted for our alpha women that have proven themselves in crossbow hunting.

Barnett Recruit Terrain Review

Although today’s Barnett Recruit Crossbow review will majorly cover every possible concern of yours along with in-depth knowledge and facts about the crossbow and our personal experience throughout the session.

The Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow review featured experience without any biases because we believe in delivering the truth only with the real essence of our own experience with the crossbows.

The Barnett Recruit Crossbow review majorly consists of a marching test and pace test with the stock and exclusive shooting bolts so that we can unveil the real and extended capabilities of the Barnett Recruit Compound crossbow.

So without wasting a minute anymore let’s move forward toward the Barnett Recruit compound crossbow review. First thing first, you can have a look at the tabular form of its premier specifications that have made it prominent among its competitors.

Specifications Of Barnett Recuit Crossbow

barnett recuit Terrain crossbow
300 FPS
6-½ LBS.
Suggested Bolt Length:
Power Stroke:
All sort of games
Draw Weight:
130 LBS.

This crossbow was incorporated with an actual shooting speed of 300 FPS which is quite optimal for taking down any sort of game i.e., elk, deer, moose, grizzly, etc, without any expert sort hunting and handling skills.

Moreover, the physical dimensions and aspects incorporated in this crossbow are quite efficient, and primarily amazing things incorporate crossbow hunters and hunters with shorter frames because it has an actual length of 34-¼”.

Although the building material incorporated in this crossbow was of the same nature for every part or frame of the crossbow it holds an actual weightage of 6-½ LBS along with stock grade shooting bolts of 20″.

As it comes along with a draw weight of 130 LBS along with a Powerstroke that has an actual orientation of 12.5″ for making it hold the desired shooting speed to take down any sort of game without any inconvenience.

As a whole, the Barnett Recruit Crossbow has an efficient shooting mechanism, and handling facility along with immaculate precision and accuracy and all this comes under an extremely affordable crossbow that everyone could have it.


barnett recuit Terrain crossbow review

We hope you must be enjoying your time reading our Barnett Recruit Crossbow review. As we have stated before that this crossbow was designed for women or shooters with smaller frames so that the handling and aiming won’t be a problem.

So moving on further, we would like to draw your attention to the actual Barnett Recruit Crossbow package so that you can understand what you are having with the package for the money you pay.

The Barnett Recruit Crossbow comes along with the following items:

Barnett Recruit Crossbow Premier Red-dot Eye piece
A set of Quiver 20-inches 3 bolts
External Rope Cocking Device Configuration Tools and Accessories
Basic Manual Guide Guarantee Card
  • Immaculate Formation
  • Handy Sized
  • Best For Women & Shooter With Short Height
  • Rope Cocking Enabled
  • Best For Any Game
  • No Scope Included
  • Stock Arrows Are 3 Only
  • Shooting String Needs Replacement Regularly

Whereas the collective formation and building of this crossbow incorporate a lot of convenience for female crossbow hunters for putting up an immensely convenient handling orientation even for crossbow hunters with shorter frames.

Although this crossbow gives an immaculate value for money with its external cocking aid for taking down its actual draw weight to half of its original value along with extended usage for every sort of game.

Watch the unboxing by “JT’s Bearfoot Outdoor Adventure”

Weightage & Sizing

Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow

As we know crossbow hunting is keenly influenced by the actual weightage of the crossbow itself along with its orientation and sizing that directly influences the whole hunting process but that’s not gonna happen with this crossbow.

Because the Barnett Recruit has an efficient sort of formation along with convenient orientation and sizing that will be adding more to your maneuvering and hunting skills without any abruption because of narrow passages in the woods.

This crossbow incorporates a mix n match fusion of efficient orientations that are aligned with the actual length of 34 and quarter inches enables it to hold a steady weightage of 6 and a half LBS for holding a user-friendly frame.

The combination of weightage and sizing enforced in the Barnett Recruit Crossbow incorporates  female crossbow hunters because for them having overweight and oversized is an issue.

Formation & Built

Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow

Now let’s chatter about the formation and building of the Barnett Recruit Crossbow because these factors are considered the most vital constituents for keeping its strength and durability to its maximum extent.

As it comes along with an ambidextrous sort of formation due to which this crossbow can be used by both males and females without even bothering about the left or right-handed orientation, lesser frame lengths of short heightened hunters.

Moreover, the building and crafting of this crossbow are made up through advanced CNC machines so that the whole structure remains immensely precise and accurate along with higher dependability.

Although the Barnett Recruit Crossbow comes along with mono bolt assembly with the whole sturdy and robust carbon fiber building material that can withstand immense stretching and can avoid any severe deformation.

Why Is It The Best Short Frame People?
The Barnett Recruit Crossbow was deliberately crafted for female crossbow hunters or hunters that have shorter height or frame as compared to standard crossbow hunters so that they don’t have to bother about their on-demand setting.

Trigger & Safety Mechanism

The trigger mechanism and incorporated safety mechanism of a crossbow is majorly responsible for keeping you and your companions safe from any unfortunate moment or any severe injury that might occur because of dry firing or misfiring.

At the same time, the Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow reviews have given us a lot for making us understand how the whole safety mechanism works for keeping your whole hunter team from injuries.

As the trigger mechanism is consolidated with the advanced TriggerTech technology for keeping the whole hunting scenario away from dry firing or trigger pulling because the TriggerTech feature enables features with a pull weight of 3 to 4 LBS.

As long as the safety feature of the Barnett Recruit Crossbow is concerned then you might love to know this crossbow has a dedicated finger guarding facility along with the ADF mechanism to prevent dry or miss firing without consent.

Bolts & Pace

barnett recuit Terrain crossbow review

The Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow review will be unveiling the incorporated bolts and pace constituents and features for keeping the whole hunting session immensely seamless with adding more n more efficiency.

Moreover, the Barnett Recruit Crossbow package comes along with only 3 20-inches bolts that weigh almost 400-grains and we were impressed with the stock arrows due to their efficiency and performance.

Whereas we have instantly switched to our exclusive Firebolt bolts for on-ground hunting which has mesmerized us with the shooting pave that was the same 320 FPS as claimed by the makers, although the bolts themselves weigh 400-grains.

What we have seen with this crossbow is the efficiency and performance that makes its whole shooting process packed with immaculate energy along with top-notch shooting speed, efficiency, and precision.

Sighting & Cocking

Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow scope

The Barnett Recruit Crossbow package is included with the red dot sight; there is no scope included within the package but the crossbow railing itself is featured with a scope mount for extended scope usage.

The red dot sight itself is quite a useful crossbow for beginner hunters that allows them to have enhanced visuals for having a lighted tracking of their prey despite being in a poorly lit ambiance and then red-dot sight can also be used with the scope.

Therefore, we can say that this crossbow itself lacks a lighted but the incorporation of a pre-built scope mount enables you to use the exclusive lighted scope along with the lighted red dot sight for enhanced visuals.

Moreover, the cocking facility of the Barnett Recruit Crossbow is supported with external cocking assistance that allows you to use rope cocking devices with which the actual draw weight is reduced to 50 to 60 percent.

Although the rope cocking device itself is not included in the crossbow package that needs to be purchased separately which might increase your seed money to a few more bucks but trust us it’s worth every single penny.

Although the cocking assistance can be used with the crank cocking device that can cost a bit more it will reduce the whole cocking effort by more than half of its actual draw weight without any inconvenience.

Strength & Precision

Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow target piercing capacity

As we have told you before, the Barnett Recruit Crossbow is crafted through the CNC machine using the hard carbon fiber building material that is believed to be robust, especially for hunting types of equipment and weaponry.

Although the incorporated safety features within the crossbow are highly synchronized with the featured specifications to enhance the precision and keep your fingers safe from accidental mishaps as well.

Therefore, the wholesome incorporations along with the crafting precision and accuracy add more to the strength of the structure along with advancing the whole safety mechanism incorporated within this crossbow.

As long as the strength of the Barnett Recruit Crossbow is concerned then we have told you about the frame dependability itself but we might like to add a bit about the included shooting strings that were viewed by many worthy customers.

As you know that shooting strings have been the only lagging within the Barnett crossbow makers. But that’s not a big deal because changing a shooting cord is quite a regular practice over the previous whole years.


The configuration or assembling of a crossbow is not an essential portion of crossbow hunting but it does affect the image and standing of a crossbow especially when you are formulating a crossbow review with a bundle of choices.

Whereas the Barnett Recruit Crossbow is an X-bow variant that has a premier sort of construction with an elegant and attractive body finish so that it won’t look like an old-dated crossbow with laggy and substandard finishing work.

Moreover, the whole composition with assembling and configuration features a solo bolt attachment that is indeed a definite factor for having extensive strength and dependability regardless of stretching or any other abruptions.

Marching Test

Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow

As we all know that a crossbow hunter having a crossbow that can shoot with 300 FPS along with a bolt weighing 400 grains can march till a great distance with a kinetic charge of 85 feet/LBS so that you can have precise and accurate shooting.

For us, the Barnett Recruit Crossbow was more like a surprise because we haven’t seen such powered crossbows that work so efficiently and can shoot fine quality bolts are a scorching high speed without any lagging.

Whereas a crossbow like Barnett Recruit Crossbow cannot be expected to take down any bigger games but trust me it works as We have taken down many bigger games like moose, elk, bear, and cape buffalo.

As we all know that power is not all about hunting through crossbows but the major constituents included within crossbow hunting are precision and accuracy through the red dot sight that can offer on-demand customization accordingly.

Therefore apart from general information, here is a bit of technical knowledge that might appeal to you. Being on target while hunting has become a habit for me but I went out for sighting purposes and included 25 ft of a distance along with an error of 1 foot.


As you have completely gone through the Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Review with an in-depth briefing about the featured specifications and features that can add a lot to your hunting and handling skills.

Whereas according to us if you’re looking for a crossbow for your cross-hunting enthusiast wife or a friend with 5 ft height then this crossbow package might be the best thing you might ever gift them with & it can be a useful option for newbies as well.


Is the Barnett Recruit Crossbow worth buying for newbies?

The Barnett Recruit Crossbow crossbow is featured with on-demand crafting for underprivileged crossbow hunters like women or hunters with shorter frame lengths though you can say it has convenient handling and usage that is indeed a plus point for all the newbie users.

How can one find the best suitable Barnett crossbows?

Choosing the best suitable crossbow is purely a matter of personal preference because your usage defines the viability of the purchased crossbow.

What is the actual weight and length of the Barnett Recruit Crossbow?

The Barnett Recruit Crossbow comes along with the wholesome carbon fiber material with immaculate precision and a CNC machine-crafted frame that enables it to have an actual weightage of 6 and a half pounds and an actual end-to-end length of 34-¼”.

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