The 7 Best High Grade Crossbow Bolts – 2023

Whereas afterward, as the lockdowns have been lifted, there was a dire demand for the best crossbow bolts by 2023 that could fulfill the requirements of a newbie to the expert tier of crossbow hunters with a few bucks.

The crossbow bolts can be called the most vital portion of crossbow hunting because of their essentialness concerning the added stability, efficiency, and piercing impact put forward from the crossbow with the suggested arrow or bolt.

Whereas the best viable crossbow bolt can be defined as the bolt that has added dependability and stability along with maximum impact efficiency under the desired price tag with the best suitable build material that you are used to.

Best Crossbow Bolts Reviews & Ratings

Cutting it straight to our core topic so that you guys can have an immaculate fit for your upcoming hunting session so that you can take down any game with absolute precision and accuracy along with lethal impact formation.

After spending tens of hours testing a vast variety of crossbow bolts we finally
handpicked the following crossbow bolts that were probably the best among every other competitor based on their construction, formation, and performance.

So without any further delay, these are the  that have brought an actual revolution within the crossbow hunting arena best crossbow bolts for 2023 with their performance, precision, and durability. Skip to the product review directly by clicking on its name below.

  1. Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak Crossbow Bolt The Finest Bolts
  2. Excalibur Firebolt Carbon Crossbow Bolt Most Durable Bolt
  3. Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow BoltBest Bolt Under Budget
  4. Victory Archery X Crossbow BoltThe Longest Bolts in The Market
  5. TenPoint Pro Lite Crossbow Bolt –  Most Consistent Bolt
  6. Carbon Express Pile Driver Crossbow BoltBest Heavy Bolt
  7. Easton XX75 Magnum Crossbow Bolt – Best Aluminum Bolt

1: Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak (The Finest Bolts)

carbon express maxima blueOur first pick is the Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak which has been shaking the whole crossbow market with its efficiency and performance. Although this crossbow bolt is deliberately crafted to fulfilling the needs of more enormous crossbows.

This crossbow bolt has been entitled “editor’s choice” because we were amazed by its performance and precision which have outnumbered this crossbow bolt rest of the other options are also reviewed in this article.

Talking about its physical aspects will make you pleased as the Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak comes along with an actual diameter of ¼” which makes it a perfect fit for taking down elk or moose without any inconvenience.

Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak

Moving on further, we would love to tell you, people, that this crossbow bolt incorporates an absolute weightage of 403-grains with which you can have an extremely accurate shooting experience with adequate speed.

As long as the actual end-to-end length of this crossbow bolt is considered then you might consider the most viable one if your crossbow is featured with a 22 inches bolt support. Although this crossbow bolt incorporates an overall remarkable round.

The actual 403-grain weightage with a 22 inches long shaft comes along with a premier 3″ vane for keeping it well aligned with a 15% increase in FOC weightage along with 125-grain broadheads for added stability.

Moreover, this crossbow bolt by Carbon Express is claimed with immaculate accuracy and precision because every bolt is tested through laser for incorporating maximum straightness of 0.0025″.

Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak crossbow bolts

Key Feature
As the laser straightness of 0.0025″ enhances its performance up to the maximum extent with a correction range of 0.001″ too 0.0025″ that is probably the least possible error a crossbow could ever propagate.

Although the wholesome formation itself incorporates a diamond-cut wavy appearance that limits its flexibility to an optimal level along with the dual sort of spinal formation for adding more to its shooting impact.

  • Best among all
  • Worth having
  • Highly synced
  • Laser guided nock
  • Slightly overpriced
  • Legit field points not included


Collectively speaking, the Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak has an amazing formation that adds more to its efficiency. This crossbow bolt package has a relatively unaffordable price tag but it is worth every single penny.

2: Excalibur Firebolt Carbon – (Most Durable Bolt)

Excalibur Firebolt Carbon BoltsThe Excalibur Firebolt Carbon is probably the most amazing option for big game hunters as it is the best value bolt package that comes along with a premium grade build material and immaculate precision and accuracy.

As long as the physical aspects of this crossbow bolt package are concerned then you might love to know that this crossbow bolt package comes along with the most viable orientations for those crossbows that are efficient for 20-inches.

Whereas this crossbow bolt package has brought a whole new benchmark for every 20-inches bolt as it has pleased a large number of hunters that were entailing to take down medium or bigger games.

Excalibur Firebolt Carbon crossbow bolt

As long as the sturdiness of this crossbow bolt package is concerned then you might be astonished to know that this crossbow bolt package is featured with the most trust worth build material which is series-22 carbon.

Whereas the series-22 carbon is probably the most viable and hard building material that can pierce within the hard skins of bigger games without any inconvenience just in a few microseconds.

Key Feature
Above all, the series-22 carbon is primarily renowned because of its immense dependability and extremely penetrating formation that makes it a cut-out piece for being the most admired crossbow bolt.

Moving on further, the Excalibur Firebolt Carbon comes alongside premier external facilities due to which the whole hunting session is featured with immaculate precision and efficiency along with higher accuracy.

Whereas this crossbow bolt package might be the last thing you would ever have for fulfilling your hunting gear as it is featured with immaculate physical aspects that make it an amazing option for every hunter class.

As it comes along with an extended 4” vanes as the offset. Though the offset itself possesses the same color as the bolt body the vanes itself won’t bother you to have external field points for extended precision.

Excalibur Firebolt Carbon crossbow bolts

Moreover, the Excalibur Firebolt Carbon bolt is featured with a flat body that enables it to hold a flat end with which you don’t have to use any sort of nocks for taking down any flight abruptions.

Talking about its physical aspects, you might love to hear that these crossbow bolts weigh 265 grains (without grains),

although if you are willing to have broadheads incorporated with these bolts, then go for 125 grains or 150 grains broadheads.

The bolt itself possesses enough weightage, though this weightage needs to be taken care of while using broadheads as it can cause abruptions within the flight or it might compromise the range due to excessive weightage, so better to have lightweight broadheads.

Whereas in the case of heavily weighted crossbow bolts, any ordinary broadhead with normal weightage might result in compromising the whole FOC, therefore, experts suggest using Hyperlite broadheads with high weighed bolts for having enhanced FOC.

  • Premium built
  • Immaculate formation
  • Any fletch can be shot through line up
  • Bit overweighed
  • Inserts might cause a problem


Collectively speaking, the Excalibur Firebolt Carbon is an amazing option for every sort of game but it has a bit excessive weightage that needs to be taken care of with lightweight broadheads. Whereas the inserts might be disturbing due to their eventual regluing.

3: Barnett Outdoors Carbon Bolts (Best Bolts Under Budget)

Excalibur Firebolt Carbon Bolts

The Barnett Outdoors Carbon is the best crossbow bolt pack on amazon as it comes along with premier grade specifications and high-end craft with extended precision and accuracy.

As it is the most renowned option for every hunter class within the crossbow market that possesses a freaking huge number of endorsements and acknowledgments from the first end users themselves.

Moreover, the physical properties incorporated within this crossbow bolt package are just amazing as it comes along with an actual end-to-end length of 20 inches which is more like a blessing for the respective crossbow users because 20-inches bolts are hard to find.

Barnett Outdoors Carbon Bolts

Moving on further, this crossbow bolt package is featured with a weightage of 312 grains which is indeed a blessing for our old-school crossbow hunter. But this factor won’t even resist our newbie crossbow hunters too.

The weightage of a crossbow bolt is keenly concerned for the FOC because heavier weightage might cause lagging within the FOC, therefore, the weightage of the bolt and its inserts need to be balanced for optimal FOC.

Therefore the makers have incorporated the bolt package with broadheads that are carrying an actual weightage of 125 grains which makes it a viable option for the incorporation of wholesome bolt weightage of 437-½ grains which is equal to an ounce as per the claim.

Barnett Outdoors Carbon Bolts

Moving on further, the FOC factor of this crossbow bolt package is deliberately incorporated for putting up an extension of 10 to 15 percent increment within the actual shooting range along with advancement within the penetration force.

Moreover, if the whole physical aspects of this crossbow bolt package are concerned then you might love to know that it comes along with optimal thickness as compared to the previous variant by the makers.

Key Feature
The Barnett Outdoors Carbon bolt package can be found with extremely budgeted prices over amazon but don’t get yourself confused with them as they might be the old variants that were quite good but for lightweight crossbows that have moderate shooting speed.

Whereas the newer versions are not that costly, it might be a greater deal for you as the latest variant is suitable for every class of hunter with any kind of weightless crossbows. Though you can have the best out of it at any cost.

P.S: We write regularly about “Tips & Trick & Crossbow Reviews“, find our blogs on our website.

  • Hard built
  • Efficient orientation
  • Value for money
  • Limited for lightweight crossbows only


Collectively speaking the Barnett Outdoors Carbon is the best crossbow bolt on amazon for performance, efficiency, and accuracy. But the only drawback it possesses is that this crossbow bolt package is limited to lightweight crossbows only.

4:Victory Archery X (Longest Crossbow Bolts)

Victory Archery X Crossbow BoltsThe Victory Archery X might be the best crossbow bolt package for money as it comes along with premium grade building and immaculate precision and accuracy throughout the whole hunting session without any lagging.

Although this crossbow package is featured with premier specifications that are deliberately incorporated for uplifting the whole hunting experience with extended precision and accuracy so that you can have enhanced range.

Key Feature
Talking about the efficiency and acknowledgments, this crossbow bolt package has been incorporated throughout the years is unimaginable because this crossbow bolt package is featured with countless feedbacks and endorsements.

As long as the physical aspects featured within this crossbow bolt package are concerned then you might be astonished to know that this bolt package comes along with an actual weight of 325 grains which is optimal.

Talking about its length is the most appealing section of this crossbow bolt package because this crossbow bolt package is available in 3 different lengths of 20 to 24 inches. This feature enables it to cover a much greater mass.

Although the 20 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches lengths of the Victory Archery X are probably the best thing for every crossbow hunter that owns a more giant crossbow and finds it hard to look for a crossbow bolt with 24 inches length.

Moving further, let’s have a look at the construction and formation of the Victory Archery X cross bolts package. This bolt package comes along with an actual carbon fiber material that is primarily famous for its dependability.

Moreover, this crossbow bolt package is further featured with a premium-grade brass insert that makes it hold a bit higher weight but also incorporates enhanced stability, accuracy, and precision within the shooting flight.

Although the weightage and brass insertions with 3-inch vanes by the Bohning X incorporate an extra ½ inches within the whole length that is indeed a premium addition within the bolt for extended efficiency.

  • Worth for money
  • Premier FOC
  • Enhanced weightage and penetration
  • Plastic nock is a drawback that limits the damage


Collectively speaking, the Victory Archery X is featured with enhanced efficiency and premium grade building material that incorporates wholesome sturdiness and stability throughout the flight. Whereas the plastic nock is indeed lagging.

5: TenPoint Pro Lite (Most Consistent Bolt)

TenPoint Pro Lite Crossbow BoltLooking for the best dependable crossbow bolt package? Then you must love to know about the TenPoint Pro Lite because this crossbow bolt package is deliberately crafted for relatively lesser lengthy crossbows.

This crossbow package is featured with enormously positive feedback and endorsement due to the premier grade building and crafting due to which the whole hunting process is aided with immense precision.

Moreover, the whole formation and orientational agility featured in this crossbow bolt package enable it to hold an actual end-to-end length of 20 inches only, which is probably the most widely used variant among all.

TenPoint Pro Lite crossbow bolts

Whereas the TenPoint Pro Lite bolt package comes along with an actual diameter of 22/64 inches that is deliberately incorporated within the bolt package for adding more n more efficiency and accuracy.

Although this crossbow bolt package has a premium building with extended accuracy to add up enhanced straightness with higher addition of consistency to 0.003rd part of an inch for weight bearing of 2 grains per dozen.

Key Feature
Moreover, the TenPoint Pro Lite bolt package is featured with the most efficient FOC percentage of 10 and a half percent. This 10-½% FOC of this crossbow is primarily the efficient hunting threshold for incorporating enhanced efficiency.

TenPoint Pro Lite crossbow bolt

Whereas the bolts are aligned with an actual weightage of 370 grains which are relatively weightless options as compared to competitors. The field tips of 100-grains are suggested to be used with these bolts as it adds more to their efficiency.

Overall, this crossbow bolt package incorporates a premium aluminum sort of formational building material that is considered the most dependable and lethal among other bolts that have to craft of carbon fiber or Hyperlite material.

  • ADF enabled with Omni-nock
  • High consistency bolts
  • Premium dependability
  • Limited for short distances due to less FOC


Collectively speaking, the TenPoint Pro Lite has a 3 and a half inches fletching that is a bit offset. Whereas the vibrant nocking of Omni variant is added that helps us to avoid dry firing that is quite common with nocks with half moon formation.

6: Carbon Express Pile Driver (Best Heavy Bolt)


Carbon Express Pile Driver Bolts

The Carbon Express Pile Driver is the best maximum FOC crossbow bolt package that is deliberately crafted for taking down far-sighted games with immaculate accuracy and precision regardless of any inconvenience.

Whereas the bolt package itself incorporates efficient features and specifications so that wholesome efficiency and accuracy can be allocated within the hunting experience without any hassle.

Carbon Express Pile Driver bolts

Although this crossbow bolt is featured with an actual length of 20-inch due to which the whole hunting experience is added with enhanced strength and power for taking down any game in no time, as described in the name.

Moving on further, let’s have a quick look at the physical aspects of this crossbow bolt package, as the actual weight featured in this bolt package is almost 442 grains, which is relatively a bit much compared to the usual crossbow bolts.

Carbon Express Pile Driver bolts

Therefore, the experts and makers of this crossbow bolt package have advised incorporating a broadhead or nock with weightage of 100 grains so that the overall sum of bolt weight remains within the optimal range.

Key Feature
As long as the FOC of the Carbon Express Piledriver bolt package is concerned then you might be astonished to know that this crossbow bolt has an additional 14% incorporation within the FOC of the bolt and its weight for making it a bone crusher.

Moreover, if you are willing to have a crossbow bolt that comes along with enhanced efficiency then some experts have suggested incorporating a broadhead with some extra grains of almost 125 or 150 grains for added FOC.
Uunderstand what is FOC and how to consider it while choosing a crossbow bolt:

The Carbon Express Pile Driver is indeed the best dependable option among other crossbow bolts due to the configured 0.34″ diameter and an overall formational building of composite material that is considered the most rugged and robust.

  • Best suitable bolts for big games
  • Affordable
  • Best selling variant
  • Field tips are included in the package


Collectively speaking, the Carbon Express Pile Driver is considered the most viable bolt package as it adds more to your confidence and determination. Whereas the package is claimed to be included with field tips but it doesn’t have one.

7: Easton XX75 Magnum (Best Aluminum Bolts)


Easton XX75 Magnum Bolts

The Magnum XX75 Magnum crossbow bolt package is the best-weighed crossbow bolt package that comes along with efficient specifications and high-end building material and precise formation so that you don’t have to bother about hitting.

This crossbow bolt package is included in the most admired and renowned bolt packages due to our preferences as we have been using these crossbow bolts for almost 15 years and we ain’t seen a single lag within its performance.

Easton XX75 Magnum crossbow bolts

As long as the physical aspects of this crossbow are concerned then you might be astonished to know that this crossbow bolt package is featured with an actual weightage of 350 grains which is less than an ounce.

Key Feature
Although the 350 grains weightage of this bolt needs to be coupled with an external insertion of 125 field points that enables it to hold immaculate stability and efficiency along with added enhanced precision for heading on with big games.

Moving on further, let’s have a look at the FOC factor of this crossbow bolt package that is almost 10% and is likely to be more inclined towards the lighter side for having another external addition of 4 inches KINSEY Vanes.

Easton XX75 Magnum bolts

  • Premier building and formation
  • Enhanced stability
  • Highly precise shooting
  • Weight needs to be increased a bit


Collectively speaking, the Magnum XX75 Magnum makes a fine deal for being the best bolt package with perfect weightage that incorporates enhanced stability and nock-free shooting experience throughout the whole shooting scenario.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Crossbow Bolts

Before you move forward in choosing the desired crossbow bolt package for yourself it is necessary to have a look at our comprehensive guide for purchasing the best suitable crossbow bolt package that we have formulated for you. For details, read out our blog “All you should know arrow tips


Fletching Of Crossbow Bolts

The vanes and the fletching incorporated within the crossbow bolts are described as the additional features that are deliberately added within the bolts for incorporating additional weightage and precision along with higher accuracy within the shooting.

As the vanes are incorporated with an actual variable weightage of 5 to 10 grains and sometimes it might be 15 grains. The core behind its insertion is to bring added stability within the flight of shooted bolts.

Shaft Diameter

If you’re a pro crossbow hunter then you must be aware of how essential it is to have an optimal diameter of the shaft.

Having a crossbow bolt with an efficient diameter is necessary as the bolt is having smaller or bigger diameter than the described one then make it count you are going to lose your target because 30% of actual penetration depends on it.

Arrow Weightage

As we all know that the acceleration or speed of an object is inversely proportional to the incorporated weightage of that object.

The same is the case with the arrows as the weightage of arrows influences their acceleration throughout the flight. If the weightage of the crossbow arrow is relatively less then it is seen that the flight will be featured with enhanced speed but the stability gets compromised a bit as well. Though having a heavier one might result in a decrease in shooting speed.

Therefore, it is advised to have a crossbow arrow that incorporates a dry weightage of 345 or 360 grains whereas insertions of 150 or 170 grains might be a viable thing for them to have extended stability and efficiency.


Hybrid crossbow broadhead

Insertions can be defined as the external configurations that are featured within the bolts for keeping the shooting experience featured with immense stability and accuracy despite having a relatively lesser weightage.

Although the insertions that are commonly used while hunting tips, and broadheads with which the FOC factor of a crossbow bolt is kept at an optimal level by increasing its weightage. Although it might be of brass or aluminum or hard fiber material.

Moreover, the insertions like tips and broadheads do carry a relative mass that is deliberately incorporated for adding more weightage to bring higher stability and accuracy during the shooting experience with the exclusive bolts package.

Length & Effect on Scope

As we all know that every crossbow is featured with the support of relative bolt length so that the whole hunting session can be added with premium efficiency and accuracy without any inconvenience of setting the bolt within the string.

Therefore, it is advised that while choosing the exclusive bolt package for your crossbow hunting session, you are advised to choose the bolt with the advised length mentioned within your crossbow user guide.

Moreover, if your crossbow shoots a larger bolt then make it count that your money and hunting session both will be ruined as the bolt won’t settle within the shooting railing and the FOC factor gets down. It will remain the same for shorter bolts.

Tips & Broadheads

The tips and broadheads of a bolt package are the external accessories that are deliberately incorporated within the bolt so that the weightage can be marked towards the optimal level for having a precise and accurate shooting experience.

Talking of tips and broadheads of bolts, you might be curious to know about their building and formation of them, if it is then you might love to know that the tips and broadheads are majorly crafted from carbon, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or plastic.

Apart from increasing the weightage of the bolts, the broadheads and tips are also featured to increment the actual FOC percentage of a bolt so that the whole hunting experience can be aided with maximum efficiency.

Nock Variants

Talking about the nock variants, it is necessary to understand that there are three different types of nock variants with which a hunter can take down different sorts of games regardless of their skin or bones. Whereas the actual variants of nocks concerning their distinctive formation are described as follows:

Half Moon: The half moon variant of nocks is featured with a distinctive shape of a half moon that forms an arc for welcoming the strings. Although it adjusts perpendicular to the index vane. This nock variant is advised to be used with hard building material except for plastic.

Different nock variants

Capture: Whereas this sort of nock is relatively less common within the crossbow market as it has a close resemblance with the half moon nock variant. This kind of nock is quite common in archery instead of crossbow hunting.

Flat: The flat type of nock is the most efficient one among the other variants as it offers enhanced sitting within the string along with a fine and broad area to send the bolt quite effectively in downside the railing.

Omni: The Omni type of nock is the most advanced among the others. Whereas this type of nock is brought to you by the TenPoint makers that have deliberately crafted this type of crossbow bolt broadhead so that the crossbow string channels can be utilized with much efficiency as compared to the half moon nocks. Whereas the main reason behind its crafting lies within the dry firing factor of crossbow hunting that is taken care of through this broadhead variant quite efficiently.


1: Is an arrow weightage necessary to look after?

The arrow weightage is quite an essential thing to look after because the whole hunting session depends upon it as the shooting speed along with stability and efficiency might be influenced by the featured weightage of a crossbow bolt.

2: Do we need to put on insertions?

As we all know that h crossbow bolts themselves have a lot of deviations and lagging due to substandard crafting or building material. Therefore it is essential to have additional insertions upon the crossbow bolts to add optimal weighting, stability, and accuracy within the flight.

3: Which building material is more efficient in bolts?

Any building material such as polymers carbon fiber, fiberglass, carbon, composite, or aluminum is considered the most efficient one among other options for crafting a premium-grade crossbow bolt that has immaculate stability and intense penetrating ability.

Final Words

As you have completely gone through the whole best crossbow bolts reviews 2023 along with the necessary buying guide with value-added points so that you can understand everything without any inconvenience.

We would like to suggest to you people that choosing a crossbow bolt is purely a matter of personal preference so we won’t be calling on any option because there is a slight difference in prices along with more n more efficiency packed in them.

We can tell you people that who chose your crossbow bolts wisely according to your preference might be helpful for your on-ground hunting experience concerning its build, formation, settling in the string, and performance.

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