Crossbow Arrow Tips (Bolts) Guide – Shaft, Nock, Point Explained

Hello Crossbow lover! If you are tired of poor precision despite having a flagship crossbow then you would love to spend a few minutes on our crossbow arrow tips that will add more and more precision to your hunting.

Though we would like to begin with minimizing your doubt and any difference between bolt and arrow, so the crossbow bolts and arrows are the same things whereas the bolts are used explicitly for crossbow arrows.

On the other hand, linguistically speaking the arrows are referred to as longbows only. Therefore, the doubt regarding crossbow bolts vs arrows must have been cleared by now before we advance to our next phase.

Crossbow Bolt Types


Let’s talk about the crossbow bolt types so that you may have advanced knowledge regarding this aspect of crossbow hunting if you’re a newbie chap in the crossbow hunting world.

The crossbow bolt types are distinguished into three different variants described as follows, based on the broadheads in use. Although the broadheads are defined as the ammunition item that is used for respective games to take down.

  • Static Blade
  • Removable Blade
  • Expandable Blade

Static/Fix Blade

Removable Blade

Expandable Blade

The variant of bolt types has been the most used ammunition these days because these bolts are quite easy to use. Though the static bolt is of straight formation with which aiming is quite convenient throughout the hunting session.

The removable blade variant of bolts is comparatively much more lethal as compared to other variants. Though this bolt variant also allows you to have precise aiming while hunting regardless of any inconvenience.

Therefore, the expandable blade is the third but much least used bolt due to its formation that has a lacked aiming facility due to circular formation that expands after firing. Moreover, these bolts are considered much more deadly.

Expandable crossbow blades

Moving on further, the type of bolt blades out there in crossbow markets are clearly up for usage based on your preference. Although if you’re having a crossbow that has premium scope then you don’t have to bother about aiming.

Whereas if you’re an old-school crossbow hunter then the static and removable blade variants are the best match for you so that you can utilize your own aiming ability while hunting.

Certainly! Crossbow bolts come in various types, and besides the ones we had mentioned above (Static Blade, Removable Blade, and Expandable Blade), there are a few other types as well. Here are some additional types of crossbow bolts:

  1. Field Points:
    • These are non-bladed, pointed tips designed for target practice and general shooting. They are typically used when the goal is not to cause damage but to improve accuracy and skill.
  2. Blunt Tips:
    • Blunt-tipped bolts are designed for small game hunting. Instead of a sharp blade, they have a flat or rounded tip to deliver a hard impact without penetrating too deeply.
  3. Bodkin Points:
    • Bodkin points have a narrow, pointed tip designed for better penetration. They are often used for hunting medium to large game.
  4. Judo Points:
    • Judo points have spring-like wires around the tip, creating a spinning motion upon impact. They are ideal for shooting at small game in dense vegetation, as the spinning motion helps prevent the bolt from burying itself in the ground.
  5. Swudge Tip:
    • This type of bolt has a combination of a broadhead and a field point, offering some penetration while still providing a cutting edge. They are versatile and can be used for different types of hunting.
  6. Bludgeon Points:
    • Bludgeon points are similar to blunt tips but often have a more aerodynamic design for increased accuracy. They are suitable for small game hunting.
  7. Bowfishing Points:
    • Specifically designed for bowfishing, these bolts have specialized tips that are effective in catching fish. They may have barbs or prongs to secure the fish once it’s hit.

Remember to always check local hunting regulations and use the appropriate bolt type for your intended purpose.

Crossbow Bolt WeightageCrossbow arrow Bolts Tips

The most commonly faced issue while hunting down is the weightage factor that compromises the shooting speed of your crossbow. Though the crossbow bolts commonly weigh 125-150 grains.

Though the shooting speed of a crossbow is related to bolts weight though if any other bolts that weigh a bit more then make it count the bolt won’t have the determined shooting speed.

Therefore, while choosing your preferred crossbow bolt then  choose the bolt that is featured with minimal weightage but must be comprised of standard build material  for keeping your hunting experience immaculate without any lagging in its shooting speed.

Crossbow Bolt Tips

Therefore, here we would like to add a bit much here for crossbow bolt tips that will be adding more to your hunting experience. So let’s get started with it without any further prolongation.

  1. While entailing the crossbow bolts, you have to make sure that the respective bolts are incorporated with the same weightage that is featured within the bolts that were featured within your crossbow package.
  2. Moreover, the respective crossbow bolts with any shafts or heads that are incorporated with comparatively lesser weight as compared to stock bolts of your crossbow package because using a lighter crossbow bolt may increase the chance of dry-firing your crossbow.
  3. Although you can go with a bolt that comes along with heavier weightage is quite good for hunters, you must understand, using heavier crossbow bolts that will decrease your crossbow shooting speed.

Mostly, the crossbow package is included with bolts that have field points, although such bolts can be used for practicing only. Therefore, if your crossbow package has many bolts but is included with field points then you have to purchase broadheads only.


Why does crossbow shooting speed decrease with newly purchased crossbow bolts?

The crossbow shooting speed is relatively concerned with bolt weightage and the stock bolts included in the package are featured with recommended weightage that suits best the crossbow shooting speed. But with newly purchased crossbow bolts must be incorporated with higher weight so that’s the reason behind lagging in crossbow shooting speed.

Which sort of crossbow bolts suits best while hunting bigger games?

Choosing a crossbow bolt depends upon your preferences but few games require a bit lethal crossbow bolt due to their skin, therefore, you can go with a static broadhead bolt for standard games but in bigger games, you can have a removable blade or expandable blade as per your convenience.

How do I choose the right crossbow arrow tip for my needs?

Selecting the right crossbow arrow tip depends on factors such as your shooting style, intended use (target practice or hunting), and the type of game you’ll be pursuing. Consider the weight, cutting diameter, and flight characteristics to find the perfect match for your crossbow and shooting requirements.

What is the difference between crossbows bolts and arrows?

Crossbows Bolts Arrows
The crossbow arrows and bolts are the same things used as ammunition while hunting down. These are also known as arrows. The arrows are comparatively bigger and are used in longbow hunting.

Final Words

So you have seen our crossbow arrow tips and must have understood what matters for having a sleek and seamless crossbow hunting session without having a compromised shooting speed.

 Moreover, go with any of the crossbow bolts that suits you the best, regardless of their make and type. Although you must make it count that the purchased crossbow bolt won’t be underweight or overweight because having lesser weight will increase dry-firing. 

On the other, hand slight increase in a crossbow weight might decrease your shooting speed but if you’re OK with a bit lesser shooting speed then you would love the stability and precision of a heavier bolt.

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